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Designers Brasileiros

The brand of the website Designers Brasileiros consists of a panel in the shape of the letter D composed by geometric pieces that fit together and represent the design specialties. These pieces are shapes extracted from the Brazilian flag and also form the letter B and a toucan. The toucan was defined by the fact that it is one of the largest seed dispersers of Brazilian fauna and one of those responsible for the formation of tropical forests. Thus, for the brand, the dispersion of seeds by the toucan conceptually symbolizes the dissemination of knowledge that is the purpose of the website.

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Floating Life

There are many personalities, emotions, and characters in life. The work closely integrates the shaping of each character. Thoughts are not only reflected in the brain but also on the surface. Floating life can be experienced by everyone, and each emotion may appear more or less in everyone's life. In addition to the illustration in the poster, designer also gave a detailed explanation of each emotion in order to better feel the details in the work.

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Shany Abdallah Naji

Shany Abdalla Naji is a series of Graphic works attempting to revive the name giving tradition in my family. This tradition that broke upon arriving to Israel from Iraq, consists of naming a new born and adding the names of his father and grandfather. The designer learned all this recently after finding my family's immigration papers. This discovery left me excited thinking names can encompass within them the changes of tradition and culture and it made me question how my name fits in my family’s ancestry

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With a human-computer interaction system, users can communicate simply through the manipulator. The designer hopes that people with disabilities will be more convenient in their daily lives and can better integrate into society. From the perspective of humanistic care, respect the differences of each individual, care about individual needs, treat the disabled with a parallel perspective, and understand and respect the disabled more.

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Fabric / FAB is an Exhibition of Sustainable Fashion. The main task in developing the exhibition identity was to create a typographic style. The accidental font used in the design Concept reflects one of the central messages of the exhibition – a call to reduce consumption in the fashion sector, a call for reasonable consumption. Graphically, the solution is based on a cross-type of a pair of fonts-strictly grotesque and openwork accidental font, resembling the folds of fabric.

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Support Local Music

This poster is a self-initiated project to support the creative industry as well as the designer's fellow musician friends. The poster is inspired by various classical instruments, integrating the instruments and the type into a playful musical scene. This poster is planned to be printed in Lino Print and distributed around New York City. This poster was inspired by the letter form of the typeface Bio Rhyme Expanded.

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