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Krafton Game Union

Krafton's logo design system expresses both the uniqueness and consistency of each alliance brand after being inspired by the crest of the Craft Guild of the Middle Ages, as the brand's core identity is centered on craftsmanship in developing games. The crest shape of the logo is applied consistently to all the alliance brands, differentiated by the use of designated colors, and forms a cohesive visual system.

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Lunema Specimen

Lunema is a highly stylized contemporary neo-grotesque sans serif typeface with strong geometric contrasts. A functional san serif family that can stand the test of time, whilst still feeling modern and unique. Each letter shape has been crafted with great attention to detail in order to ensure legibility at large and small sizes due to the distinct deep ink traps. All 10 weights have an extended Latin glyph set with alternatives and ligatures.

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OWDT was hired to design a flexible identity system that was dynamic and technically inclusive. We made it our purpose to highlight the technologies used by Moneta in the brand mark. The design gracefully overcame the challenge of balancing the brand’s geolocation characteristics and data type visuals. Moneta’s brand identity now clearly leads its highly technical audience to the world’s most dynamic geolocation technology.

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Ryujin is a design that came from imagination, passion and creativity. A design to depict a Japanese mythical God. Ryujin is created and spired from Japanese mythology guardian of the sea that made to have of strong appeal to the clients, audience and fans. It is a project for senpai to be placed in their clothing line and other merchandise.

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Voice of Unity

The epidemic affected people's hearts. Through five idioms combined with vivid pictures, it reflects all aspects of epidemic prevention and control work, and shows that all sectors of society attach importance to the epidemic and actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work at the crisis moment when the epidemic broke out. Creative display of epidemic prevention scenes through computer graphics, highlighting Chinese spiritual culture.

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Math Alive

Dynamic graphic motifs enrich the learning effect of math in the blended learning environment. Parabolic graphs from mathematics inspired the logo design. Letter A and V are connected with a continuous line, demonstrating the interaction between an educator and a student. It conveys the message that Math Alive guides users to become whiz kids in math. The key visuals represent the transformation of abstract math concepts into three-dimensional graphics. The challenge was to balance the fun and engaging setting for the target audience with professionalism as an educational technology brand.

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