Glowing Gradevin by Kai Chang

Kai Chang Reveals The Turning Light Box Glowing Gradevin

Kai Chang, the designer of the award winning work Kai Chang's Turning Light Box Glowing gradevin points out, We try to reshape the possibilities of closet functionality using geometric cube modeling, and in a modular way keep design elements con <Cropped>

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Award Winning Shark Line 46 Pleasure Boat (yacht)

Janus Huang Presents The Shark Line 46 Pleasure Boat (yacht)

Janus Huang, the project leader of the award winning project Pleasure Boat (Yacht):Shark Line 46 by Janus Huang illustrates, This clean design is inspired by shark. Sharks’ hunting process, killing speed and the mystery of waiting its prey transpar <Cropped>

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Award Winning Glorious Sun Ring

Hossein Shariati Discloses The Glorious Sun Ring

Hossein Shariati, the author of the award winning work Award Winning Glorious Sun Ring demonstrates, This ring is designed as a reminder of harmony and order in the creation which is on the base of precise logic and mathematics. In this design, in or <Cropped>

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Grip Torch by Alexander Taylor

Alexander Taylor Reveals The Grip Torch Led Hand Torch

Alexander Taylor, the author of the award winning project Award Winning GRIP Torch LED Hand Torch illustrates, Drawing direct reference to the familiar form of the BMX bicycle grip. By the very nature of the material - silicon rubber, it provides a p <Cropped>

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Poster:sharaku 3 by Yasuhito Takeuchi

Yasuhito Takeuchi Discloses The Sharaku 3 Poster

Yasuhito Takeuchi, the creator of the award winning design Poster by Yasuhito Takeuchi demonstrates, Work exhibited at the Tokyo Design Week (not a competition) specialty category "Inspire Exhibition". The category that the selected people <Cropped>

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Residential House by Pedro Quintela

Pedro Quintela Reveals The The Azoia´s Jewel House Residential House

Pedro Quintela, the project leader of the highlighted project Residential House:The Azoia´s Jewel House by Pedro Quintela spells out, This intervention is inspired in the historical context of the place, it pre-existing ruins and the privacy and bri <Cropped>

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Bakery Visual Identity:mangata Patisserie by M — N Associates

M — N Associates Exhibits The Mangata Patisserie Bakery Visual Identity

M — N Associates, the project leader of the award winning design Bakery Visual Identity by M — N Associates explains, Mangata is visualized in Swedish as a romantic scene, the glimmering, road-like reflection of the moon creates on the night sea. <Cropped>

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Exhibition Design:existing White by Robin Wang

Robin Wang Shows The Existing White Exhibition Design

Robin Wang, the designer of the displayed project Exhibition Design:Existing White by Robin Wang demonstrates, The designer tried to emphasize the aesthetic of architect structure. The space designed with modern concise to spare more possibility for <Cropped>

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Bats'i Luch-Credenza by Eidetica® Design Studio

Eidetica® Design Studio Exhibits The Bats'i Luch Credenza

Eidetica® Design Studio, the architect of the award winning project Credenza by Eidetica® Design Studio spells out, This piece was born from the idea of incorporate pre hispanic iconography to a credenza, in this case, Mayan iconography. "Bats <Cropped>

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Website by Plus 360 Degrees

Plus 360 Degrees Creates The Above The Clouds Website

Plus 360 Degrees, the creative mind behind the displayed work Website by Plus 360 Degrees demonstrates, Above the Clouds is a real time 3D interactive experience where viewers are taken through a journey around the Earth, from far and closer angles <Cropped>

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